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Our CEO and Chief Storyteller, Richard Sheridan, has recently written a book called Joy, Inc. about how he created a joyful culture at Menlo Innovations. The book describes how any organization can follow similar methods for a more passionate team. It is now officially available at bookstores across the US.

Learn what focusing on Joy can do for your company

Menlo is a software design and development company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Last year, 2,197 people came from around the world to visit us. They made the trek not to learn about technology, but to witness a radically different approach to workplace culture — one intentionally designed to produce joy.

At Menlo, we have built a culture that removes the fear and ambiguity that traditionally makes a workplace miserable. With joy as the explicit goal, we've changed everything about how our company is run, and have brought that joy into the lives of our clients and their end users. Joy, Inc. offers readers an inside look at our belief system and how it influences our physical environment, embraces making mistakes, and eliminates stereotypical meetings all while fostering dignity and respect for each other.

Joy, Inc. is for readers in any field who want tangible examples for a healthier, happier atmosphere at work—and the sustainable business results required for growth. Readers will come away with an inspirational blueprint for how to create a corporate culture centered on joy in their own workplace.

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