It’s exciting to know that there is a better way to design software and that it really works!"
- Anne Fischer
High-Tech Anthropology®

With an empathetic approach in mind, High-Tech Anthropologists® have a self-stated goal: to end human suffering in the world as it relates to technology™.

To do so, the Menlo High-Tech Anthropology® team designs software or systems that resonate with the user. They begin by researching what makes users successful in their interactions with an application, then design a system that supports that success, informing development and project decisions along the way to ensure the user's needs are always considered.

Many people, in the midst of a massive culture shift, face similar struggles. Others don't know where to even begin. High-Tech Anthropologists® apply many of the same tools through on-site coaching in order to identify the pain, workarounds, and obstacles within processes and organizations to create highly adoptable, long-term solutions.

By adhering to this user-focused process, they mitigate the risk of any project, smooth development bottlenecks, and reduce customer support needs.