It’s exciting to know that there is a better way to design software and that it really works!"
- Anne Fischer

We wholeheartedly believe the most expensive type of project failure is building software that no one ever uses. A close second? Software that is usable only by "power users." To avoid these failures, our High-Tech Anthropology® team researches what makes users successful in their interactions with an application.

We use the term "anthropologist" quite deliberately. The only way to understand what makes a new system successful is to study and observe the potential end users in their native environment. This includes gaining an understanding of the differences between users of the software, the kinds of mistakes each are prone to make, and how those differences should drive the design.

With an empathetic approach in mind, High-Tech Anthropologists® have a self-stated goal: to end human suffering in the world as it relates to technology™. They gather requirements by designing potential solutions and checking design assumptions with representative users.

Our High-Tech Anthropology® team includes experienced business analysts as well as professionals versed in the nuances of user interface design tools and techniques. In the process of creating a successful solution, High-Tech Anthropologists® utilize techniques such as job shadowing, personas, use cases, hand-drawn screen mockups, object models, workflow assessments, and high-level screen designs to ensure that the user's needs are met.

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